Sea Turtles of the World Workbook


An 8-page workbook for kids to learn about sea turtles of the world. With information and activities.

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An 8-page workbook for kids to learn about these majestic sea turtles.

From the 7 different species, their life cycle, about the body, and some conservation activities.

The workbook contains activities too as well as flashcards of the 4 species you are most likely to encounter.

This workbook is ideal for primary kids that want to learn a little more about these marine reptiles.

The Workbook Contains

  • General information sheet about Sea Turtles which can be used with playdough to create an ocean scene (erasers etc… can also be used instead)
  • Life Cycle of the Sea Turtle information sheet
  • Worksheet showing the body of the sea turtle labelled and an unlabelled version for your child to complete
  • Information about what each of the species of sea turtle eats – you could use this plastic bag jellyfish experiment with this to explore a little about the threats to leatherback sea turtles in the oceans.
  • A sea turtle species Wordsearch
  • Flashcards with the 4 species of sea turtles you are most likely to encounter –  leatherback, green, loggerhead and hawksbill
  • A prompt sheet or poster design for Save the Turtles exploring the threats that they face.


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