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Paper Plane Experiment Printables
Design and record the results of your own Paper Plane Experiment
Virtual Book Club Summer Camp
Come join our Annual Virtual Book Club Summer Camp for Kids from 2 to 11 years-old! Read ~ Learn ~[...]
Hands-on learning ideas for the construction area - with ideas for maths, science, literacy and art.
Penguin Ice Berg Number Game
Download and printout the Penguin Name Words Game to play with your children to help them learn to read, write[...]
Nativity Shadow Puppets
Nativity Shadow Puppets - download, print and play follow these instructions to find out how to make the set as[...]
Sky Rocket Your Pageviews
Thirty Day step by step instructions on increasing your blog traffic through the use of Google Analytics.
Llama Llama Red Pajama Pattern Making
Combined pattern dice ideal for prewriting activities and pajama outline. Create designs based on early letter formation. Llama Llama Red[...]
Activity Pack for Preschoolers ~ Engage
Preschoolers have such a wide scope of ability, interests as well as activity levels that we have two different Activity[...]