Rock Cycle Activity Pack


Rock types and cycle activity pack includes a display poster and activity sheets as well as a rock sample data sheet for a fun hands-on experiment.

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A practical activity pack for learning about the different rock types and life cycle.

Ideal for Earth Science with primary/elementary kids.

Learn about the difference between rock types, how the rock cycle works, and use the Data Sheet to compliment the Testing of Rocks Activity.

This Pack Contains:

  • Rock Cycle Display Poster
  • Information about the rock types
  • Sorting Rocks into their Types
  • Definition and Questions Activities
  • Rock Sample Testing Sheet (ideal to print multiple copies to use for a hands-on rock identification activity)
  • and a Rock Type Matching worksheet

Use alongside the edible rock activities to create your own models that you can eat

  • Sedimentary rock recipe
  • Igneous rock recipe
  • Metamorphic rock recipe


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