Exclusive Earth Science Bundle


Exclusive Rainy Day Mum Hands-on Earth Science Activity Bundle with 50% off the individual packs.

See below for the items contained and the savings when you purchase today!

3D Earth Layers Model Template

3D Model of a section of the Earth perfect for creating a model of the layers of the Earth.


Bonus Printable Instruction Sheet to Accompany the 3D Sectional Model


All About Soil Unit Pack

Soil Science Printable Activity Booklet, including a simple science experiment, word search, and detailed information about the layers of soil for children to complete.


Layers of the Earth Activity Pack

Printable activities for kids to learn about the different layers of the earth.


Rock Cycle Activity Pack

Rock types and cycle activity pack includes a display poster and activity sheets as well as a rock sample data sheet for a fun hands-on experiment.


Volcano Activity Pack

An activity pack of activities for kids learning about volcanoes. From mazes and anagrams to labelling parts of an active volcano and learning the stages of eruption.


Landforms Activity Pack

An activity pack all about landforms to introduce the different types to young kids

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An exclusive bundle of Earth Science and Geography Activity Printables for Kids.

This is an exclusive pack of printable activities for kids to add to hands-on activities for learning.

The complete bundle contains

  • Rock Cycle Activity Pack
  • 3D Earth Layers Template + Instruction Sheet
  • Layers of the Earth Activity Pack
  • Soil Science
  • Volcanoes
  • Landforms


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